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Test Name:Post vasectomy analysis, quantitative
Test Number:6302
Container:Sterile container
Processing:Submit entire specimen
Transport/Stability:20 - 37 °C - within one (1) hour of collection
It is optimal that specmens are received within 1 hour of collection, however, specimens will be tested if received within 24 hours of collection; the motility for these specimens is not accurate, and will not be reported.
Alternate Names:PVA
Performing Lab:AHL - Andrology
ANW, United and Unity
Days Set Up:ANW: Mo - Fr 7:30am - 3:15pm
United: Fr 7am - 2pm
Unity: Tu & Fr 7am - 2pm
Expected TAT:3 days
Ref. Ranges:
Processing Details:
All samples need to be tested within 1 hour of sample collection.
Testing at above locations is by appointment only. Have patient call (612) 863-4115 to schedule.
See specimen collection instructions for collection details.

Specimens containing >1 x 106 WBC's will reflex to a Semen culture (6529) at an additional charge.
CPT Codes:89321
Additional Information: How to Collect a Semen Sample for your Lab Test
Date Created:01/06/2005
Revised Date:10/11/2019