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Test Name:Alpha-defensin (Synovasure), synovial fluid
Test Number:
Alternate Names:Alpha defensin
Joint fluid
Leukocyte esterase
synovial fluid
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Ref. Ranges:
Processing Details:
Alpha-defensin testing on synovial fluid is not supported at Allina Health. The recommended test for suspected joint infection and previous negative cultures is 16s Broad Spectrum Bacterial PCR.

16s rDNA Sequencing

IMPORTANT!: For optimal sensitivity and to prevent erroneous results from DNA contamination, the entire synovial fluid specimen must be submitted for PCR testing. Do not, under any circumstances, open the specimen after collection.

If additional testing is requested, a separate specimen must be collected by the physician. No other testing can be performed if a single specimen is submitted to the laboratory for PCR.

Contact the laboratory medical director through Client Services if there are questions.
CPT Codes:
Clinical Utilities:Broad spectrum bacterial PCR testing in culture negative joint infections
Date Created:09/13/2017
Revised Date:10/20/2018