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Test Name:ABO type
Test Number:6060
Collect:4.0 mL EDTA whole blood - lavender
Minimum Volume:1.0 mL EDTA whole blood - lavender
2 EDTA Microtainer tubes
Container:Lavender top (EDTA) tube
Processing:Submit entire specimen; do not spin
Transport/Stability:Refrigerated - 7 days
Alternate Names:ABO
Performing Lab:AHL - Blood Bank
Days Set Up:Mo - Su
Expected TAT:1 - 3 days
Ref. Ranges:N/A
Processing Details:
ABO grouping is a test performed to determine an individual's blood type. The ABO system is regarded as the most important blood-group system in transfusion medicine because of severe hemolytic transfusion reactions and, to a lesser degree, hemolytic disease of the newborn.

Labelling Instructions:
Tube MUST be labeled with first and last name, Excellian MRN, date of collection and phlebotomist’s A# (Allina Health employees only) or initials (Non-Allina Health employees only).
For Clinic use only: Second identifier may be Social Security Number (SSN) or date of birth if SSN not available.
CPT Codes:86900
Date Created:03/31/2017
Revised Date:08/23/2018