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Test Name:Actinomyces culture
Test Number:12422
Collect:Sinus tract drainage, tissue, cervicofacial, thoracic, and abdominal specimens, IUD, or other specimens
Container:Swab: ESwab regular with Amies
Fluid: Port-A-Cul anaerobic vial
Tissue: ESwab transport tube in the liquid without the swab
IUD: sterile container
Transport/Stability:ESwab: Ambient or refrigerated within 48 hours
Port-A-Cul vial: ambient within 48 hours
IUD in sterile container: ambient within 24 hours
Alternate Names:AOM
Performing Lab:AHL - Microbiology (M)
Days Set Up:Mo - Su
Expected TAT:Preliminary: 2 days
Final: 10 days
Ref. Ranges:NA
Processing Details:
Specimen MUST be in ESwab or anaerobic transport media with the exception of an IUD.
Metro hospital collections may be sent directly to the lab in a capped syringe with air expressed out within one hour of collection.

Unacceptable specimens: Sputum, BAL and bronchoscopy specimens NOT collected by protected brush, nasopharyngeal, vaginal/cervical, oral, rectal, stool, urine (voided, cath or foley collected), decubitis ulcer, skin, superficial wound swab, prostatic or seminal fluid, urethral or lochia secretions, placenta from vaginal delivery.
CPT Codes:87075

Identification, susceptibilities and serogrouping will be performed on all microbiology isolates considered by the laboratory to be significant. See the Allina Health Laboratory fee schedule for specific tests and CPT codes.
Date Created:03/05/2014
Revised Date:08/23/2018