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Test Name:Arginine vasopressin
Test Number:2982
Collect:2.0 mL EDTA platelet poor plasma (PPP) - lavender
Minimum Volume:1.2 mL EDTA platelet poor plasma (PPP) - lavender
Container:Mayo Screw Cap Transfer Vial
Processing:Pre-chill tube, spin cold, separate & freeze within 2 hours of collection
Transport/Stability:Frozen (preferred) - 14 days
Refrigerated - 24 hours
Ambient - NO
Alternate Names:Antidiuretic Hormone
Diabetes Insipidus
Performing Lab:Mayo Clinic Laboratories (AVP); R-MM
Days Set Up:We
Expected TAT:7 - 11 days
Ref. Ranges:Adults: <4.3 pg/mL
Reference values were determined on platelet-poor EDTA plasma from individuals fasting no longer than overnight.
Processing Details:
Useful for:
- Diagnosis and characterization of diabetes insipidus
  - Diagnosis of psychogenic water intoxication
  - As an adjunct in the diagnosis of the syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone secretion (SIADH), including ectopic arginine vasopressin production.

Collection instructions:
1. Have patient fast and thirst for 6 hours (no liquids, including water, are allowed).
2. Collect 5.0 mL EDTA whole blood in an iced tube
3. Process specimen as follows within 2 hours of collection:
a. Spin specimen in a refrigerated centrifuge at approximately 1,000 x G (2,000 rpm for a 20-cm radius centrifuge) for 10 minutes.
b. Remove plasma, carefully avoiding the platelet/buffy coat.
c. Place platelet poor plasma in a Mayo screw cap transfer vial and freeze.

This test should not be requested on patients who have recently received radioactive material.
Method:Radioimmunoassay (RIA)
CPT Codes:84588
Date Created:09/11/2007
Revised Date:04/17/2019