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Test Name:Platelet function test
Test Number:6950
Collect:(2) 4.5mL (3.2%) Na Citrate - lt blue +
5.0 mL EDTA whole blood - lavender
Container:(2) Lt blue top (Na Citrate) tubes + Lavender top (EDTA) tube
Processing:DO NOT SPIN; Submit entire tube(s)
Hospital Draws - Hand Deliver to Lab; Do not send thru Pneumatic Tube System (PTS).
Transport/Stability:Ambient (Room Temperature) - 3 hrs
***TIME SENSITIVE; Send by STAT Courier***
Alternate Names:Bleeding Time
Platelet Aggregation
Platelet Closure Time
Performing Lab:AHL - Coagulation; W
Central, Mercy, New Ulm, or United
Days Set Up:Daily
Expected TAT:24 hours
Ref. Ranges:COL/EPI: 94 - 193 seconds
COLI/EPI Results below the normal reference range have no known clinical significance.

COL/ADP: 71 - 118 seconds (reflex test)
Processing Details:
PFT must be ordered STAT.
Draw with 21G needle.
Best if specimen is collected at a testing facility (Central, Mercy, New Ulm, Unity, or United), but if not, sample must be placed in a STAT bag and STAT couriered to the closest testing facility
Sample must arrive at the testing facility within 3 hours of collection.
CPT Codes:85576 - COL/EPI
85576 - COL/ADP (if indicated)
Supply Connection:Additional Test Information
Additional Information: Proper Na Citrate Tube Filling
Date Created:11/05/2003
Revised Date:04/29/2019