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Test Name:Activated protein C resistance
Test Number:2969
Collect:4.5 mL 3.2% Na citrate tube - lt blue
Time sensitive processing
Alternate Collect:None
Container:Coag Transport Tube
Processing:Prepare platelet poor plasma (PPP) and freeze at -70 (minimum -20) °C
Alternate Names:APC - R
Performing Lab:University of MN Physicians Outreach/UMP (APCR) ; R-NX
Days Set Up:1 - 2 times/wk
Expected TAT:8 days
Ref. Ranges:Ages >1 yr:
APC Ratio: >2.12
Age specific reference ranges have not been established for patients 0-1 years old.
Processing Details:
Make sure that the Na citrate tube is filled as far as the vaccuum allows. Follow the instructions below to prepare platelet poor plasma (PPP) To prepare platelet poor plasma (PPP):
1. Within fours of collection, centrifuge specimen for 15 minutes using a centrifuge calibrated to ensure platelet poor plasma.
2. Remove clear, lipid-free plasma and transfer into a Coag Transport Tube labeled with two patient identifiers and a PPP label.
3. Freeze immediately on dry ice or at a minimum of -20 °C.
Frozen specimen must arrive at U of MN within 48 hours of collection.

Unspun samples sent direct to the University of MN must be shipped at room temperature within 4 hours of the collection time.

- Test can be performed on patients on Coumadin and/or heparin.
- Test cannot be performed on patients on Argatroban or like products.
Method:Coagulation - PTT with and without addition of Activated Protein C
CPT Codes:85307
Supply Connection:Coag Transport Tube
Additional Information: Na Citrate Tube Filling Guide
Date Created:11/30/2001
Revised Date:09/13/2018