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Test Name:Influenza A/B PCR
Test Number:8810
Collect:Nasopharyngeal (NP) swab
Container:Xpert® Viral Transport Medium
Processing:Submit entire specimen
Transport/Stability:Refrigerated - 72 hours
Alternate Names:Flu Test
Performing Lab:AHL- Microbiology; M
Days Set Up:Mo - Su , 24 hr/ day; Jan - Dec
Expected TAT:Routine - 1 day:
Stat - 2.0 hrs after receipt at AHL
Ref. Ranges:Negative
Processing Details:
Obtain Xpert® NP Sample Collection Kit from AHL (contains transport medium vial + NP minitip swab)
Nasopharyngeal swab collection
1. Use a minitip swab appropriate for the test ordered
2. As the minitip swab is removed from the package, bend the wire to the shape of the nasal passage. Maintain sterility of the swab.
3. Tip patient’s head back and swab through the nostril into the nasopharynx.
- If any resistance is met in the passageways, do not force the swab. Try the other nostril.
- If the swab cannot be passed through either nostril, it may be bent at a right angle and passed through the mouth to the nasopharynx, taking care to avoid mouth and throat contamination of the swab.
4. Rotate the swab on the nasopharyngeal membrane to allow the swab to absorb organisms.
5. Remove the swab carefully and place in the transport medium.
- the swab in the kit is scored to snap off easily when placed in the vial.

Unacceptable: Nasal swabs & specimens other than nasopharyngeal; swabs not in Xpert Viral Transport Medium.

Method:Real Time PCR on Cepheid GeneXpert®
CPT Codes:87502
Supply Connection:Xpert® NP Sample Collection Kit
Additional Information: Influenza Testing Guidelines
Date Created:10/17/2011
Revised Date:09/06/2018