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Test Name:Acute hepatitis panel
Test Number:696
Collect:2.0 mL serum - SST
Alternate Collect:2.0 mL Li Heparin plasma - lt green PST
Li Heparin plasma is acceptable, however, if results are equivocal or reactive, confirmatory testing cannot be performed.
Container:Serum Separator (SST) or
Plasma Separator (PST) tube
Alternate Names:AHP
Performing Lab:AHL - Chemistry
Days Set Up:Mo - Sa
Expected TAT:1 day
Ref. Ranges:Non-Reactive
Processing Details:
Includes: Hep B surface antigen, Hep B Core IgM, Hep A IgM and Hep C Ab
Method:See individual tests
CPT Codes:80074
Date Created:11/30/2001
Revised Date:08/27/2018