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Test Name:Plasminogen activator inhibitor -1, activity
Test Number:994
Collect:1.0 mL Na citrate (NaCi) plasma - lt blue
Minimum Volume:0.5 mL Na citrate (NaCi) plasma - lt blue
Alternate Collect:None
Container:Plastic Screw-cap Transfer Vial
Processing:Spin, separate and freeze
Transport/Stability:Frozen - 11 days
Ambient - NO
Refrigerated - NO
Alternate Names:PAI-1 Activity
Performing Lab:ViroMed/LabCorp (146787); R-NX
Days Set Up:N/A
Expected TAT:N/A
Ref. Ranges:0 - 27 IU/mL
Processing Details:
NaCitrate tubes must be filled to provide proper blood to anticoagulant ratio. Centrifuge and remove plasma with plastic transfer pipette - do not disturbe cells and Freeze immediately.
NOTE: if the patient's hematocrit exceeds 55%, the volume of citrate in the collection tube must be adjusted.
Adjustment Information: High Hematocrit Samples. Patients with elevated hematocrits have a relatively low amount of plasma for a given whole blood (collection) volume. This tends to increase the plasma citrate concentration effectively. If the patient has a known hematocrit >55%, the amount of citrate in the collection tube must be decreased according to the formula below. The equation in CLSI H21 is as follows: C = (1.85 x 10−3) (100−Hct) (Vblood) Where: C is the volume of citrate remaining in the tube. Hct is the patient's hematocrit. V is the volume of blood added to the evacuated tube.
Example: Patient hematocrit = 60% Total volume = 5 mL (standard citrated plasma collection tube volume) C = (0.00185) x (100-60) x 4.5 C = (0.00185) x 180 (or 40 x 4.5) C = 0.333
Method:Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA)
CPT Codes:85415
Date Created:09/12/2007
Revised Date:09/14/2018