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Test Name:Pregnenolone, mass spectrometry
Test Number:994
Collect:2.5 mL serum - SST
Minimum Volume:0.4 mL
Note: this volume does not allow for repeat testing
Alternate Collect:2.5 mL serum - red
2.5 mL EDTA plasma - lavender
2.5 mL heparin plasma - dk green
Container:LabCorp screw-capped purple frozen plastic transport tube labelled as serum or plasma type
Processing:Spin, separate and freeze.
Transport/Stability:Frozen (preferred) - 2 years
Refrigerated - 2 days
Ambient - 4 hours
Alternate Names:MSO
Performing Lab:Esoterix Endocrinolgy (500258) via LabCorp (140707); R-NX
Days Set Up:Mo - Th, Sa
Expected TAT:4 - 6 days
Ref. Ranges:Adults: <151
Processing Details:
Useful for:
Pregnenolone levels have been shown to remain in the normal range in patients with Cushing syndrome and hyperaldosteronism. Levels can be suppressed with dexamethasone inhibition and increased with exogenous ACTH stimulation.Pregnenolone levels have been shown to be elevated in patients with idiopathic hirsutism. Since the various forms of congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) result from enzymatic defects in the adrenal steroidogenic pathways, measurement of pregnenolone levels can be useful in diagnosis. Pregnenolone levels tend to be elevated in several forms of CAH, particularly in 17α-H deficiency and 3β-HSD deficiency since these enzymes catalyze steps immediately after pregnenolone in the steroidogenic pathways.

Method:High-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) tandem mass spectrometry.
CPT Codes:84140
Date Created:05/24/2019
Revised Date:05/24/2019