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Test Name:Proinsulin
Test Number:13397
Collect:0.6 mL serum - SST, Frozen
Minimum Volume:0.4 mL
Note: This volume does not allow for repeat testing
Alternate Collect:0.6 mL serum - red, Frozen
Container:LabCorp screw-capped purple frozen plastic transport tube labelled as serum
Processing:Spin, separate and freeze

Transport/Stability:Frozen - 12 days
Refrigerated - NO
Ambient - NO
Alternate Names:PROINSULIN
Performing Lab:LabCorp Burlington (140533); R-LC
Days Set Up:Mo, We, Fr
Expected TAT:2 - 5 days
Ref. Ranges:0.0−10.0 pmol/L
Processing Details:
Transfer serum to a LabCorp screw-capped purple frozen plastic transport tube, labelled as serum, prior to freezing.

To avoid delays in turnaround time when requesting multiple tests on frozen samples, submit a separate frozen aliquot for each test requested.
Method:Enzyme immunoassay (EIA)
CPT Codes:84206
Date Created:04/11/2019
Revised Date:05/20/2019