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Test Name:Adult food allergy profile
Test Number:12452
Collect:2.0 mL serum - SST
Alternate Collect:2.0 mL serum - red
2.0 mL Li Heparin plasma - PST
(acceptable, but not preferred) 2.0 mL EDTA plasma - lavender (acceptable, but not preferred)
Container:Serum Separator (SST/Gold) , PST (Lt Green) tube or
AHL False Bottom Screw Cap Serum/Plasma transfer vial
Processing:SST/PST: spin Red/lavender: spin and separate
Transport/Stability:Refrigerated (preferred) - 7 days
Frozen (OK)
Alternate Names:Adult Food Panel
Adult Allergy Panel
Performing Lab:AHL - Immunology; I-L
Days Set Up:Mo - Fr
Expected TAT:1 - 3 days
Ref. Ranges:<0.35 kU/L = Negative
Processing Details:
NOTE: For more than one allergen, use this formula to calculate the amount of serum required; 50 µL X (# of allergens) + 250 µL = Total amount serum needed.

Adult Allergy Panel includes: Total IgE, Clam (F207) IgE, Codfish (F3) IgE, Corn (F8) IgE, Egg White (F1) IgE, Milk (F2) IgE, Peanut (F13) IgE, Scallop (F338) IgE, Shrimp (F24) IgE, Soybean (F14) IgE, Walnut (F256) IgE, Wheat (F4) IgE
Method:Fluorescence Enzyme Immunoassay (FEIA)
CPT Codes:86003 x 11
82785 - IgE
Supply Connection:Allergen Request
Additional Information: Allergy class severity values
Date Created:07/14/2008
Revised Date:09/07/2018