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Test Name:ABO type, Rh type and DAT, cord
Test Number:12787
Collect:4.0 mL cord blood
Container:4mL dk lavender top (EDTA) tube
Processing:Submit tube unspun
Transport/Stability:Refrigerated - 3 days*
Alternate Names:Blood type
Direct Antiglobulin Test
Performing Lab:AHL - Blood Bank; B
Days Set Up:Mo - Su
Expected TAT:1 day
Ref. Ranges:N/A
Processing Details:
Avoid contamination with Wharton's jelly

*Sample should be obtained no more than 24 hours prior to testing but may be used up to 3 days post collection. Testing of older specimens may show decreased antibody reactivity.

Labeling instructions:
Tube must be labeled as "cord blood".
Include the first and last name (or "baby" with baby sex may replace first name), Excellian MRN, date of collection and phlebotomist’s A# (Allina Health employees only) or initials (Non-Allina Health employees only).
For Clinic use only: Second identifier may be date of birth.

Any combination of the cord ABO, Rh and/or DAT testing can be perfomed off of one (1) 4.0mL EDTA tube
CPT Codes:86900 - ABO
86901 - Rh
86880 - DAT
Supply Connection:Dk lavender top EDTA tube
Date Created:06/12/2017
Revised Date:08/23/2018