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Test Name:PhenoSense® integrase
Test Number:994
Collect:3.0 mL EDTA plasma - lavender
Container:2 to 3 - Sarstedt Screw Cap Vials
Processing:Spin, separate and freeze immediately
Alternate Names:Raltegravir
Performing Lab:Monogram Bioscience (53200/550230); R
Days Set Up:Varies
Expected TAT:14 days
Ref. Ranges:See report
Processing Details:
Do not send specimens until they are completely frozen, as nucleic acid degradation occurs rapidly at ambient and higher temperatures.
Specimen integrity is compromised with freeze/thaw cycles.
Include current viral load (≥500 copies/mL) on request form.
Mongram Bioscience Request Form.
Method:Reverse Transcription-Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR)
CPT Codes:87903
Additional Information: Sample Requirements and Processing
Date Created:06/05/2013
Revised Date:09/14/2018