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Test Name:Anti-leukocyte antibodies
Test Number:4773
Collect:14 mL blood - red
Minimum Volume:3 mL blood - red
Container:Red top tube (10 mL)
Processing:Submit entire specimen
Refrigerated (OK)
Alternate Names:Anti-Leukocyte Antibodies for Solid Organ Donors
Performing Lab:University of MN Physicians Outreach/UMP (PRADSA/solid organ transplant recipient or PRABMR/bone marrow transplant recipient); R-NX
Days Set Up:Daily
Expected TAT:8 days
Ref. Ranges:N/A
Processing Details:
This test is for solid organ transplant patients.

NOTE: Labeling instructions are for clinic use only.  Tube must be labeled with first and last name, Excellian MRN or Social Security Number (date of birth accepted if SSN not available), date and phlebotomist's initials.

A completed University of MN Medical Center Immunology/Histocompatibity Laboratory request form must accompany the specimen.
Immunology/Histocompatibity Laboratory request form
Method:Luminex Solid Phase Assay
CPT Codes:86832
Date Created:08/26/2011
Revised Date:09/13/2018