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Test Name:pH, urine
Test Number:351
Collect:10.0 mL random urine
Container:BD Urinalysis preservative tube
Processing:Submit entire specimen
Transport/Stability:BD Urinalysis preservativet tube (preferred)
Ambient - 72 hours

Screw cap urine container
Refrigerated - 8 hours
Alternate Names:PHU
Performing Lab:AHL- Urinalysis; U
Days Set Up:Daily
Expected TAT:1 day
Ref. Ranges:5.0 - 9.0
Processing Details:
Collect a random urine specimen, preferably first morning.

The BD Urinalysis Preservative Tube has a minimum fill of 7-10 mL; 10 mL is preferred. If BD UA transport tube in not available, or there is insufficient specimen, transport in a screw cap container, refrigerated, within 8 hours of collection. Refrigerated specimens in screw cap container received >8 hrs but <24 hrs from collection will be resulted with a comment: “Specimen exceeds standard time for testing”

BD Urine Processing Instructions

CPT Codes:83986
Supply Connection:BD Urinalysis preservative ttube
MSDS:MSDS BD Urinalysis Preservative Tube
Date Created:11/30/2001
Revised Date:08/23/2018