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Test Name:Platelet associated immunoglobulins
Test Number:2199A
Collect:15 mL EDTA whole blood - lavender
Normal platelet count
Container:Lavender (EDTA) tube
Processing:Submit entire specimen
Transport/Stability:Ambient (preferred)
Refrigerated - 24 hours
Alternate Names:PAI
Performing Lab:American Red Cross (ARC); R-NX
Days Set Up:Mo - Fr
Expected TAT:
Ref. Ranges:
Processing Details:
The specimen must arrive at the ARC within 48 hours of collection; Friday samples MUST arrive at the Allina Central Lab before 11A.
Volume of EDTA blood required depends on platelet count; call (612) 863-4356 for exact draw volume.
Used to detect platelet autoantibodies eluted from the patient's platelets or circulating platelet autoantibodies present in the patient's plasma.
Method:Solid Phase Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA)
CPT Codes:86023 x 2
Date Created:11/30/2001
Revised Date:09/13/2018