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Test Name:Protein C activity
Test Number:5756
Collect:4.5 mL (3.2%) Na Citrate tube - lt blue
Minimum Volume:2.7 mL (3.2%) Na Citrate tube - lt blue
Container:2 – Microcentrifuge Tubes (Beaker sites) or
2 – Coagulation Specimen Transport Tubes
Processing:Prepare Platelet Poor Plasma (P.P.P) following the instructions included in the Collection/Processing Details, and freeze.
Transport/Stability:Frozen - strict
Refrigerated - NO
Alternate Names:Protein C Functional
Performing Lab:AHL - Coagulation; V
Days Set Up:Varies; 1 - 2 times/wk
Available STAT
Expected TAT:3 - 5 days
Ref. Ranges:70 -140%
Processing Details:
Patients on Heparin must be drawn just prior to next dose; do not draw immediately after dose.
Patient cannot be on Coumadin, Lepirudin, or Argantroban.
Sample may be drawn 5 days after coumadin has been stopped or 48 hours after Vit K administration. Do not over or underfill tube as the ratio of anticoagulant to whole blood is critical (see Additional Info link).
Greiner tubes are not acceptable.

Process Platelet Poor Plasma (P.P.P) following the linked instructions.
Basic Coagulation Specimen Processing Instructions
Separate plasma into two (2) 1 mL aliquots, label as "NaCi Plasma P.P.P" and freeze immediately.
Specimens will be rejected if hemolyzed, or patient on heparin > 1.0 IU/mL.
Method:Clotting assay
CPT Codes:85303
Additional Information: Proper Na Citrate Tube Filling
Date Created:11/30/2001
Revised Date:08/23/2018