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Test Name:Amylase, body fluid
Test Number:32
Collect:1.0 mL Pericardial, peritoneal, pleural or drain fluid
Minimum Volume:0.5 mL
Container:AHL False Bottom Plasma/Serum Transport Tube
Processing:Spin and separate
Transport/Stability:Refrigerated - 3 days
Alternate Names:AMF
Performing Lab:AHL- Chemistry; C
Days Set Up:Mo - Su
Expected TAT:1 day
Ref. Ranges:Undefined
Processing Details:
Indicate source of fluid on container and order

Collect specimen in a sterile container.
Centrifuge fluid for 5-10 minutes to remove cellular elements.
Transfer supernatant to an AHL False Bottom Plasma/Serum Transport Tube and refrigerate.
CPT Codes:82150
Date Created:11/30/2001
Revised Date:04/10/2019