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Test Name

Test Number

Lactate dehydrogenase (LD), body fluid156
Lactate dehydrogenase (LD), isoenzymes4339
Lactate dehydrogenase (LD), total909
Lactate, arterial12603
Lactate, CSF994
Lactate, venous12616
Lactose tolerance151
Lamb's quarter (W10), IgE4200
Lambda light chains in situ hybridization 12376 - Technical only;
12379 - Technical & Interpretation
Lamellar body count, amniotic fluid994
Latex (K82), IgE4202
LDL cholesterol, direct5665
Lead, 24 hr urine153
Lead, capillary147
Lead, filter paper5658
Lead, venous blood12345
Legionella antigen, urine 2389
Legionella culture6589
Legionella pneumophilia antibodies1831
Legionella species by rapid PCR8188
Leishmaniasis (visceral) antibody994
Lentil (F235), IgE8569
Leptospira, IgM, serum994
Leukocyte esterase, body fluid
Lipase, body fluid7851
Lipid panel160
Lipid panel with reflex8161
Lipoprotein (a)2630A
Listeria cultureOrder test by specimen type: Comment "for Listeria"
Liver Fibrosis, Fibro Test-ActiTest Panel12797
Liver kidney microsomal Ab2166
Lobster (F80), IgE4220
Low molecular weight heparin2281
Lupus anticoagulant5751
Luteinizing hormone171
Luteinizing hormone by IHC12376 - Technical only;
12379 - Technical & Interpretation
Lyme CNS infection IgG with Ab index reflex994
Lyme Disease PCR, blood8324
Low Sensitivity; not a first line test
Lyme Disease PCR, body fluid887
Low Sensitivity, not a first line test
Lyme disease serology, polyvalent4750
Lyme disease serology, polyvalent with reflex659
Lyme Western Blot*878
Lysozyme by IHC12376 - Technical only;
12379 - Technical & Interpretation
Lysozyme (Muramidase)7953