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Oat (F7), IgE4263
Obstetric panel
Occult blood stool, iFOBT8787
Occult blood, gastric347A
OCT-2 by IHC12376 - Technical only;
12379 - Technical & Interpretation
OCT-4 by IHC12376 - Technical only;
12379 - Technical & Interpretation
Octopus, IgE994
Olanzepine 4480
Onion, IgE994
Opiate and opioid confirmation, urine12397
Opiate confirmation, urine, quant12522
Opiate screen, serum, quantitative4999
Orange, IgE13435
OraRisk HPV with reflex genotyping
Orchard grass (G3), IgE6383
Organic acid analysis, urine13584
Orotic acid, urine994
Osmolality, body fluid994
Osmolality, fecal994
Osmolality, urine183
Osmotic fragility, erythrocyte994
Osteocalcin, serum 13345
Ova & parasite exam6596
Ova & parasites exam, urine994
Ovalbumin, IgE13458
Ovarian malignancy risk 994
Ovary antibody, IgG994
Ovomucoid, IgE13459
Oxalate, plasma994
Oxalate, quantitative, 24-hour urine13487
Oxcarbazepine / Eslicarbazepine Acetate as metabolite, blood994
Oxycodone and metabolite, serum or plasma1443
Oxycodone, urine, quant1618
Oxygen dissociation, P50994
Oyster (F290), IgE4252