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Test Number

Rabbit epithelium (E82), IgE4995
Rabies antibody4827B
Rapamycin (Sirolimus)5134
Rectal non-OB strep culture6525
Red sorrel, IgE12489
Red top (Bent) grass, IgE4264
Reducing substance, feces994
Referral – positive non-urine culture workup12509
Referral – positive urine culture workup12473
Referral isolate ID only, anaerobe890
Referral isolate ID only, non-urine6713
Referral isolate ID only, urine6567
Referral isolate ID & susceptibility, urine6712
Referral isolate ID & susceptibility, anaerobe889
Referral isolate ID & susceptibility, non-urine6714
Referral susceptibility6711
Renal cell carcinoma marker by IHC12376 - Technical only;
12379 - Technical & Interpretation
Renal function panel15
Renin activity, plasma224
Respiratory disease allergen profile12450
Respiratory panel multiplex PCR12653
Respiratory viral panel-PCR994
RET Proto-oncogene, full gene analysis994
Reticulin antibody2636
Reticulocyte/Hemoglobin concentrate8932
Retinol binding protein994
Retrograde analysis2379A
Retrograde wash409
Rh type, cord6089
Rh (Big D) or D (Rho)6062
Rheumatoid factor, quantitative711
Rhizopus nigricans, IgE12448
Rice (F9), IgE4235
Rickettsial disease panel
Risperidone & metabolite1880
RNP antibody12661
ROMA Score (Ovarian Malignancy Risk Algorithm)994
ROS1 by IHC12379 - Technical & Interpretation
Rotavirus antigen, stool5780
Rough marsh elder (W16), IgE6872
Rough pigweed, IgE12486
RSV IgG and IgM antibody994
RSV, rapid antigen6533A
Rubella IgG antibody 713
Rubella IgM AntibodyNo longer available
Rubeola IgM antibody525
Rubeola immune status1812
Russian thistle (W11), IgE6880
Rye (F5), IgE food3718