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    Cytogenetics laboratory

    Medical Director: John Reinartz, MD
    Director: Carlos Tirado, PhD
    Technical Specialist: Bill Wyatt, CG (ASCP)

    The Allina Health Cytogenetics Laboratory provides comprehensive testing services to detect chromosomal abnormalities for congenital disorders, prenatal diagnosis, hematologic malignancies and solid tumors. We are a full service Cytogenetics Laboratory with expertise in processing amniotic fluid, chorionic villi, products of conception, skin biopsy, peripheral blood (neonatal, pediatric, and adult), percutaneous umbilical blood (PUBS), leukemic blood, bone marrow, and malignant tissue specimens. All of our technical staff are certified in Cytogenetics. Our highly trained professional staff provides accurate, high quality results with excellent turn-around-times and exceptional customer service. We also partner with genetic counselors and pathologists to support the needs of our patients and providers.

    Located in the central laboratory facility on the Abbott Northwestern Hospital campus in Minneapolis, we offer the full spectrum of Cytogenetic testing – chromosomal microarray (CMA)/ array comparative genomic hybridization (aCGH), fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) and chromosome analyses. We process ~6000 specimens a year, making us one of the largest cytogenetics laboratories in the Midwest. We also serve as an international reference laboratory for outreach clients and participate in clinical research projects.

    For more information please contact the Cytogenetics Laboratory at (612) 863-4541 or Client Services at (800) 281-4379.


    Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm
    Sat - Sun: 8am - 4pm

    Test List

    Chromosome studies

    • Prenatal Requires Maternal and Paternal blood specimens collected in EDTA tubes

    Combination test – Limited Chromosome Study Plus Microarray (CMA) Analysis

    Aneuploidy Perinatal X/Y/13/18/21 Panel
    Aneuploidy X/Y/18 ONLY Panel
    Aneuploidy 13/21 ONLY Panel
    Angelman syndrome (AS)15q11.2
    Cri du Chat syndrome 5p15.2
    DiGeorge/VCFS/CATCH22 (DGS)22q11.2
    Kallmann syndrome Xp22.3
    Miller-Dieker syndrome (MDS) 17p13.3
    Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS) 15q11.2
    Smith-Magenis syndrome (SMS) 17p11.2
    Sotos syndrome 5q35
    SRY Yp11.3
    Steroid Sulfatase (STS) deficiency Xp22.3
    Williams Beuren syndrome (WBS) 7q11.23
    Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome (WHS) 4p16.3
    XIST Xq13.2

    Tissue Culture Only
    Follow-up Parental / Family Studies
    Sendout tests

    Oncology Chromosomes

    5q31 deletion / Monosomy 5 (-5)
    6q deletion
    7q31 deletion / Monosomy 7 (-7)
    Trisomy 8 (+8)
    Trisomy 12 (+12)
    13q14 deletion
    20q12 deletion
    Aneuploidy 4/10/17
    ALK (non-morphometric) 2p23
    API2/MALT1 t(11;18)
    ATM deletion 11q22.3
    BCL2 18q21
    BCL2/IGH t(14;18)
    BCL6 3q27
    BCR/ABL1 t(9;22)
    CBFB 16q22
    CCND1/IGH t(11;14)
    CCND3/IGH t(6;14)
    CDKN2C (P18)/CKS1B 1p32.3/1q21
    CHIC2/FIP1L1/PDGFRA 4q12
    CRLF2 Xp22.3/Yp11.3
    ETV6 (TEL) 12p13
    ETV6/RUNX1 (TEL/AML1) t(12;21)
    EWSR1 (non-morphometric) 22q12
    FGFR1 8p12
    FGFR3/IGH t(4;14)
    IGH 14q32
    IGH/MAF t(14;16)
    IGH/MAFB t(14;20)
    IGH/MALT1 t(14;18)
    MALT1 18q21
    MECOM 3q26.2
    MLL 11q23
    MYC 8q24
    MYC/IGH t(8;14)
    P16 (CDKN2A) deletion 9p21
    PDGFRB 5q32
    PML/RARA t(15;17)
    RUNX1T1/RUNX1 (AML1/ETO) t(8;21)
    SYT (SS18) (non-morphometric) 18q11.2
    TCF3 19p13
    TCL1 14q32
    TCR (TRA/D) 14q11
    TCRB 7q34
    TP53 deletion 17p13.1


    B Cell ALL Panel

    • BCR/ABL1 [t(9;22)], ETV6/RUNX1 [t(12;21)], MLL (11q23), Aneuploidy 4/10/17
    • Reflex to: IGH (14q32), CRLF2 (Xp22.3/Yp11.3)

    T Cell ALL Panel

    • BCR/ABL1 [t(9;22)], P16 (CDKN2A) 9p21
    • Reflex to: TCR (TRA/D) 14q11.2, TCL1 (14q32), TCRB (7q34)

    AML Panel (Follows COG protocol for AML)

    • BCR/ABL1 [t(9;22)], RUNX1T1/RUNX1 [t(8;21)], MLL (11q23), CBFB (16q22), 5q31 deletion/ -5, 7q31 deletion/ -7

    CLL Panel

    • 6q deletion, ATM deletion (11q22.3), Trisomy 12, 13q14 deletion, TP53 deletion (17p13.1), CCND1/IGH [t(11;14)]

    Eosinophilia Panel

    • BCR/ABL1 [t(9;22)], CHIC2-PDGFRA (4q12), PDGFRB (5q32), FGFR1 (8p12)

    Lymphoma Panel

    • MYC (8q24), IGH/BCL2 [t(14;18)], BCL6 (3q27)

    MDS Panel

    • 5q31 deletion / -5, 7q31 deletion / -7, Trisomy 8, MLL (11q23), 20q12 deletion

    Myeloma Panel (with plasma cell enrichment)

    • CDKN2C/CKS1B (1p/q), 13q14 deletion/-13, TP53 (17p13.1), Aneuploidy 5, 7, 9, 11, 15
    • IGH (14q32) with reflex CCND1/IGH [t(11;14)], FGFR3/IGH [t(4;14)] IGH/MAF [t(14;16)], CCND3/IGH [t(6;14)], IGH/MAFB [t(14;20)]

    ALK Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer 2p23
    CHOP (DDIT3) Myxoid Liposarcoma 12q13
    EWSR1 Ewing Sarcoma 22q12
    FOXO1 (FKHR) Rhabdomyosarcoma 13q14
    FUS Fibromixoid Sarcoma 16p11.2
    HER2/neu Breast and Gastric Cancer 17q12
    MDM2 Liposarcoma 12q15
    Oligodendroglioma Panel 1p36/19q13
    SYT (SS18) Synovial Sarcoma 18q11.2
    Urine Bladder Cancer Aneuploidy


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