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Product details for 6mL Greiner Z Trace Element no-additive & Metal Free Transfer Vial (Aluminum only)

  image of product
Special Instructions:

Glass, no additive tube required for Aluminum assay (261). Stopper formulation provides low levels of trace elements. Allow specimen to form a firm clot (20 minutes), and then pour serum over into Mayo metal-free, screw-capped polypropylene vial. Do not use a transfer pipette.

Test Information:

Required for Aluminum (261) assay

6mL Greiner Z Trace Element no-additive & Metal Free Transfer Vial (Aluminum only)  Add to Cart
6mL Navy blue vacuette tube (no additive) & Mayo metal-free, screw-capped polypropylene vial.
Product #: 8881-307006
MML Supply #: T713
Unit: each
Limit 5 per order

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