Allina Health: News from all locations Allina Health news from all locations Allina Health study shows holistic nursing relieves pain and stress for patients and caregivers <html><table> <tr><td><b></b> </td></tr><tr><td>Research indicates self care by nurses leads to better care for patients</td></tr><tr><td>&nbsp;</td> </tr><tr><td><b></b></td> </tr><tr><td></td></tr> </table></html> 27 Oct 2015 12:41:57 PM CDT DB498F9AFC78041386257D7E00640CED Mercy Hospital, part of Allina Health, receives Joint Commission certification for hip and knee replacements <html><table> <tr><td><b></b> </td></tr><tr><td>Total Joint Replacement Program earns top quality label</td></tr><tr><td>&nbsp;</td> </tr><tr><td><b></b></td> </tr><tr><td></td></tr> </table></html> 11 Dec 2014 12:09:02 PM CST 7B5C8071ED9484CA86257DAB00608670 Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute honors two entrepreneurs <html><table> <tr><td><b></b> </td></tr><tr><td>Both receive $5000 each to grow their businesses</td></tr><tr><td>&nbsp;</td> </tr><tr><td><b></b></td> </tr><tr><td></td></tr> </table></html> 9 Dec 2014 05:45:37 PM CST E13D8275A83B90F786257DA90072C1ED Northwest Metro Alliance receives federal grant to improve health of Anoka-Hennepin high school students <html><table> <tr><td><b></b> </td></tr><tr><td>Funding will expand screening, care and health promotion</td></tr><tr><td>&nbsp;</td> </tr><tr><td><b></b></td> </tr><tr><td></td></tr> </table></html> 4 Dec 2014 11:53:44 AM CST F09B612E7C93AC0986257DA400798AAA River Falls Area Hospital named as an Acute Stroke Ready Hospital <html><table> <tr><td><b></b> </td></tr><tr><td>The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) has designated River Falls Area Hospital as an acute stroke ready hospital.</td></tr><tr><td>&nbsp;</td> </tr><tr><td><b></b></td> </tr><tr><td></td></tr> </table></html> 3 Dec 2014 08:29:28 AM CST 1BF616AD35E83C5F86257DA9004D8E8B Regina Hospital’s AH-HA program wins ‘Golden Beet’ award for innovative food projects <html><table> <tr><td><b></b> </td></tr><tr><td>A Healthier Hastings 4 All (AH-HA) has been honored for its efforts to get fresh produce to families in need.</td></tr><tr><td>&nbsp;</td> </tr><tr><td><b></b></td> </tr><tr><td></td></tr> </table></html> 3 Dec 2014 08:30:04 AM CST 25E09E094B5F545786257DA9004EF8B2 Owatonna Hospital scores well above national and state average on infant feeding practices survey <html><table> <tr><td><b></b> </td></tr><tr><td>Owatonna Hospital recently scored exceedingly-well on The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) 2013 survey of Maternity Practices in Infant Nutrition and Care (mPINC). With a score of 86, Owatonna Hospital is performing better than many facilities nationwide, in Minnesota and similar size facilities.</td></tr><tr><td>&nbsp;</td> </tr><tr><td><b></b></td> </tr><tr><td></td></tr> </table></html> 2 Dec 2014 08:06:28 AM CST 13756D66BC93323286257DA9004C6F84 Abbott Northwestern Hospital and Consulting Radiologists, Ltd. announce new brain aneurysm study <html><table> <tr><td><b></b> </td></tr><tr><td>Enrolling patients with brain aneurysms that have extra-wide openings</td></tr><tr><td>&nbsp;</td> </tr><tr><td><b></b></td> </tr><tr><td></td></tr> </table></html> 1 Dec 2014 10:37:10 AM CST 9B54C2F299D5D8D386257DA10054E491